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Why Vegans Should Invest in a Grill

We admit it — when most people think of pitmasters, they envision someone cooking meat and poultry over an open flame. Accordingly, tons of vegans forgo buying grills. This is a huge mistake! In fact, every vegan should consider getting some type of grill.

Why miss out on all the flavors and fun that grilling provides? Vegan grilling produces meals and side dishes that are exploding with taste. Let’s take a look at several reasons to bring grilling to vegetarian and vegan eating.

1. Vegan Burgers Can Get a Char, Too

Today’s vegan and vegetarian offerings in the grocery store frequently include meat substitutes that taste like the real thing. Guess what? All those veggie burgers and hot dogs can grill up beautifully, too. They will absorb the smoky flavor from a Grilla Grill just as nicely as a beef steak or chicken wing. Who could resist a tofu sausage patty with authentic sear marks?

2. Vegetables Can Get Boring

Even if you adore veggies, they can start to taste boring after a while. A vegan who grills can rely on the charcoal and wood pellet flavors to infuse everything from Brussels sprouts to zucchini slices. You will be amazed at how a grill can breathe fresh life into vegetables that have lost their excitement.

Why Vegans Should Invest in a Grill

3. Vegans Can Throw BBQ Parties

Again, the stereotype of a vegan is someone who might not throw or attend a BBQ picnic. True or false, this stereotype needs to be tossed out the door. Vegans may not want to grill meat on their Kamados or Silverbacs, but they can still host a killer barbecue adventure. Their non-vegan friends might be surprised at how succulent vegan recipes can be with a little grilling love.

4. Tofu Loves to Absorb Smoky Flavors

Ah, tofu. On its own, it has a bit of a bland flavor. But wait until you marinate it and then grill it! Tofu can quickly go from so-so to tremendous with just a little bit of time on the grill. From that point, it can be eaten straight or used as part of a vegan recipe BBQ sandwich complete with non-dairy sauce and loads of veggie-laden condiments.

5. Veggie-Heavy Kebabs Were Made for Grilling

Even meat lovers enjoy creating veggie kabobs. Why not make them a main course at a veggie grilled meal? Remember that kabob skewers can be made from bamboo, metal or even rosemary stalks.

6. Fruit Takes on New Life When Grilled

Finally, remember the dessert as part of your guide to vegan grilling. Pineapples, apples and even bananas belong on the grill. In fact, you can expect them to turn into delectable treats after being introduced to charcoal and smoke. Their natural sugars caramelize delightfully, transporting them from mere fruits to seconds-worthy treats.

Rethinking your beliefs on vegan lifestyles and grilling? Check out the vast array of Grilla Grill types and options to see which one fits your vegetarian or vegan needs. Then, fire up and test some new recipes!

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