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We know of one (and only one) way to get real wood smoke flavor for your favorite BBQ recipes: Use real wood. While charcoal and wood chips have their defenders, wood pellet grills are the weapon of choice for many BBQ pitmasters today. Whether you’re enjoying a backyard cookout or cooking in a BBQ competition, Grilla Grills will show you why our rugged pellet grills can hang with anything in the jungle.

Wood pellet grills give you a more accessible and low-maintenance grilling experience, so you can focus on the food and good times instead of putting out flare-ups and relighting charcoal! Instead, a Grilla pellet smoker grill cooks your food by burning compact hardwood pellets. Your smoked meat and veggies will get all of the mouth-watering smoke flavor of real wood, but with way less hassle and maintenance. 

Operation is easy: Set the pellet grill’s temperature control to your desired degrees Fahrenheit, and our automated temperature control system will bring it home. An auger feeds pellets from the pellet hopper into the burn pot at a steady rate, keeping your grill in the ideal temperature range. Set up our WiFi enabled Alpha Connect app, and you can even control your grilling experience remotely! 

BBQ pitmasters of all experience levels love Grilla pellet smoker grills because they’re ideal for low and slow smoking on BBQ delicacies like brisket and ribs. Our pellet grills are no one-trick monkeys, though! Each model brings the heat for burgers, steaks, brats or anything else you’re cooking. Plus, thanks to the double-walled construction in every Grilla pellet grill, you’ll enjoy extreme heat retention even in cold weather.

Whoever you are and whatever you grill, there’s a pellet grill model from Grilla Grills that will get your creativity sizzling (and your guests’ stomachs rumbling). Click any model to learn about its features, temperature range, cooking area and more!

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