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Pellet Grill Reviews

We know how important it is to see proof that a product is worth the price and that’s why we’re so eager to share the reviews of ourpellet grills and smokers, along with the rest of the Grilla lineup of products and accessories. At Grilla we’re always happy to tell you the ins and outs of our products, but sometimes it’s important to see what our customers are saying about our grills so you can take their word for it, not just ours. Whether you’ve come to learn more about our top-rated Grilla and Silverbac wood pellet grills or just browse some reviews before you buy a pellet smoker, we’re always looking for feedback on our products, so if you decide to buy from us, please come back and let us know what you think. We take customer feedback very seriously as we’re always looking to improve our grills and our accessories based on what we hear.

Points To Consider When Looking Through Grill Reviews

Obviously, all the grills we offer at Grilla Grills have different characteristics, and not all of the available options will apply to your needs. Rather than simply reading through Kamado grill reviews or other pellet smoker reviews and comparing them apples-to-apples, think about your particular situation. For instance, what aspects of owning a grill are most important to you?

Some of the biggest differentiators you may want to think about as you look over our pellet barbecue grill reviews include:

  • Value. This is not how much a grill costs, but how much it is worth to you. For instance, will you be grilling as often as possible? Do you know that if you had a better grill than the one you now own, you would grill at least four times a week? This should factor into how you feel about the smoker grill you purchase.
  • Size. All of our grills come in various sizes. Consequently, one that holds a lot of meat may be a better deal than a smaller one that is less expensive. However, if you cannot cook for your entire family at once, your small grill could be the wrong fit.
  • Clean up. No one wants to spend hours cleaning up a smoker or grill. Always be realistic when contemplating how much time you will spend keeping your Grilla Grill purchase tidy.

Of course, you will no doubt think about other traits that matter to you as you read our grill reviews. Take in everything and think about your lifestyle. We are sure you will find a pellet grill that is ideally suited for your grilling needs!

Silverbac Pellet Grill Reviews

Our most popular grill, the Silverbachas the look of a traditional pellet smoker, but it’s a lot more than that. The main thing people notice and regularly comment on during their reviews of this pellet smoker is the build quality. The Silverbac is every bit as sturdy as it sounds, with a heavy-duty stainless steel lid, stainless steel grates, and double wall insulation to keep your heat where it belongs. Below we have a video review from Sandy Smith from Jus’ Piddlin.

Grilla Pellet Smoker Reviews

The Grilla is our original design and the first grill that we brought to market. Its unique design is eye-catching, but also highly functional. The swinging lid helps maintain the grill’s temperature and the Never Flare Flavor Disk prevents grease flare-ups. Just like the Silverbac, the Grilla has double wall construction that keeps the heat inside and uses fewer pellets per cook. One of the things often cited in reviews of this top-rated pellet smoker are its efficiency and how easy it is to clean. Check out a video review from Ken Wood from Charcoal Cowboys.

Kong Kamado Grill Reviews

With the popularity of charcoal kamado grills, it only made sense for Grilla to introduce the Kong, our popular ceramic kamado grill. At a fraction of the cost of some of the more popular kamados on the market, the Kong delivers everything you need from a grill by allowing you to grill, smoke, bake or roast. The stainless steel grates hold up to the high heats this grill can achieve, and many of the Kong’s reviewers are big fans of the quality of its construction and its ease of use. Check out this video review fromFlorida Suburban Dad.

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