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Avocado French Toast

Hey, y’all, Grilla Girl here.  This is called my hangover helper French toast. If you have a big party planned or are celebrating a game day, this is a great recipe to grill up afterwards.

Bread Bath Ingredients

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup bloody mary mix
  • dash of worchestershire
  • hot sauce (to taste)
  • dash of Grilla Grills AP rub

Other Ingredients

  • Ciabatta bread
  • 1/2 an avocado


I’ve beaten two eggs with a quarter cup of spicy Bloody Mary Mix a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a little bit of your favorite hot sauce, and a little bit of Grilla Grills AP. And I’ve cut a piece of ciabatta bread because I had some left over from sandwiches yesterday at the game. You can use Texas Toast, loaf bread, leftover biscuits whatever you want.

Dip it in your batter and let it soak up. That’ll take probably three minutes or so depending on your bread.

I have got my Silverbac today heated up till 400. Now and I’m going to put a cast iron pan or grill grates (whichever one you want) in there and a half of an avocado sliced. So you can see I’ve got cast our pans where I want, and I’m going to brush them with some oil.

Oh hear that sizzle? That’s your hangover helper right there.

We’re gonna let that brown and then flip it over. (Grill at 400 degrees until browned.)

Alright, hangover french toast is done. Put that avocado on there. There you go. Don’t that look good? Let’s just top it with a little bit of that leftover smoke-roasted salsa and you can even put a fried egg on it if you want to, but I’ve already got an egg with the batter.


Bring Your Breakfast to a Whole New Level With French Toast on the Grill

French toast is a breakfast staple for a reason. How can it get better? We’re here to tell you that when you cook French toast on the grill — a pellet grill, to be precise — its taste is out of this world.

A pellet grill works similarly to a convection oven, with dry air revolving around your food at consistent temperatures. These incredible smokers impart real wood smoke flavor while cooking food evenly and thoroughly. Plus, they keep food deliciously moist.

At Grilla Grills, our reasonably priced pellet grills make the benefits of cooking over wood fire accessible. These appliances sit in your backyard and resemble the standard propane grills used for generations.

French Toast Fun Facts

Grilled French toast is primarily a popular breakfast dish, but it can also be served as a dessert with the right ingredients. The funny part? French toast may not be an authentic French food. Its origins are unclear. With roots that can be traced to a recipe from 300 or 400 AD, it’s thought to have been first consumed by ancient Romans.

We bet you’ve never heard of these other fun facts about French toast:

  • It’s also called Poor Knights of Windsor, nun’s toast, gypsy toast, torrija, German toast, Spanish toast, eggy bread and Bombay toast.
  • It has its own holiday! Each year on November 28, people enjoy National French Toast Day.
  • Many people swear by using stale bread because it’s better at absorbing the eggs before the mixture is fried.
  • In Scotland, French toast is generally eaten as a sandwich. This dish is served with sausage between two French toast slices. In Great Britain, it is also sometimes eaten with ketchup. Savory avocado French toast doesn’t seem so odd now, does it?

Who Invented Avocado Toast?

If you thought avocado toast was a modern luxury, think again. The marriage of bread and avocado has been in place for decades, if not centuries. If we’re talking about when avocado toast was first served in public restaurants, it may have been during the early 1900s. In 1915, the California Avocado Association promoted avocado on small squares of bread as an appetizer, and in 1993, Chef Bill Granger of Sydney, Australia put avocado toast on his cafe menu.

Enjoy Breakfast on the Grill With Recipes From Grilla Grills

Explore the world of grilled French toast and try our unique avocado French toast recipe today! You can view breakfast on the grill recipes, including our BBQ moink balls recipe and smoked breakfast frittata, on our recipes page. Plus, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for cooking and serving delicious desserts, sides and your favorite meat dishes.

Ready to  build some awesome bark and become a pitmaster extraordinaire? Grab yourself a Grilla Grills Silverbac wood pellet grill and up your grilling game in no time.

Find the right Grilla smoker for you to see how easy it is to take charge in your own backyard.

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