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Baby Back Throwdown

What’s the best way to cook baby back ribs? Should I get a GrillaSilverbac or Kong? We help answer both of those questions in a Grilla Grills throwdown!

Watch this video for the grilling education you deserve. Even if you are an old-hat at making baby back ribs on a pellet smoker, you will definitely get some insider tips to help you up your game. Now turn up the volume and get some baby back ribs learning.

Grilla Grill school is in session!



Set your Grilla, Silverbac or Kong to 250 degrees. Apply a base coat of rub to both sides of the rack. Place ribs on the grill and apply more rub as needed. Spritz ribs with either water or apple juice every 30 minutes to keep ribs moist.

10 minutes before your preferred doneness, you have the option to sauce the rack of ribs. Average cook time is about 4 to 5 hours.

How to Choose Great Slabs for BBQ Ribs on the Pellet Smoker

You cannot — repeat, cannot — make the best BBQ pork back ribs recipe on the grill if you do not start with high-quality slabs of meat. New to picking between slabs? No worries, mate. We can help you by sharing a few tidbits we have discovered over the years:

  • Look for slabs without lots of exposed fat. Sure, you want some fat because fat helps keep the meat tender while cooking. But you do not want a slab that seems to be mostly covered with it.
  • Pick a slab where you can see the meat and very little bone. If you see too much bone, opt for a different slab. Otherwise, the bone could just fall right out after you pull your baby back ribs out of the smoker. What would be the point, then?
  • Say no to ribs that used to be frozen. The problem with frozen ribs is that they may have absorbed some weird flavors during freezing. You may feel that a frozen slab is perfectly fine, though. If that is your preference, thaw it completely before using it.
  • Do not allow the size of a slab to sway you. Sometimes, a smaller slab can actually offer a higher ratio of meat-to-bone than a much bigger one. So be choosy about the slab itself, not necessarily how much it weighs. You can always get several smaller slabs bursting with meat, after all. Your Grilla Grill can handle it!
  • Ask your butcher for advice when you get in a pickle. Most grocery stores, even big chains, have someone working in the meat department who knows the industry. Be sure to ask for suggestions if you can’t decide which ribs to buy. That way, you can be sure your baby back ribs slow cooked on the charcoal grill or pellet smoker will be amazing.

Serving Sizes to Consider When Making a Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Generally speaking, everyone has a different appetite when it comes to eating baby back ribs fresh from the smoker or grill. That being said, you can expect each rack or slab to serve an average of two people, but make sure you have side dishes to go around, too. If you only have baby back ribs and nothing else, you can be certain they will go even faster!

Testing Your Ribs for Doneness

As a final note about making BBQ pork back ribs recipe on your grill, always test the meat. Even if it is falling off the bone, do a quick temperature gauge.

Pork ribs should hit around the 190-degree mark. If they are a little under, they may still be done. But if the temperature is pretty far from the 190-degree level, they need more time. It is much better to ensure they are done than to serve undercooked meat to your guests and family.

Ready for your role as the pitmaster extraordinaire? Dive into this baby back ribs recipe and learn how to cook baby back ribs on the grill that will win you fist bumps galore.

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