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Bacon Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf

It’s safe to say you’ve never encountered a monster meal like smoked meatloaf with bacon. Perfectly wrapped in strips of store-bought or homemade bacon from your Grilla, this is one meatloaf that aims to be a true palate pleaser.

Why wait to get started? Grab your cast-iron pan, start some smoke on your Grilla and get ready for a bacon bonanza dinner that transforms meatloaf from mundane to sublime.


  • 3lbs ground beef (or wild boar)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup bread crumbs
  • 1/2 cup fresh white onion
  • 1/2 cup smoked gouda cheese
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Granulated garlic (to taste)
  • Fresh garlic (to taste)
  • Fresh ground black pepper (to taste)
  • 1/2 lb chopped bacon
  • 1 lb of bacon strips


  • Cast iron pan


Today we’re actually doing a bacon wrap meatloaf, but a little bit of a switch on things today guys. We actually have a wild boar meatloaf today. You don’t have to use wild boar all the time, but you can use wild ground pork if you want. You can use beef if you want.

We’re going to do a couple of different things because we are using wild boar today. We’re going to be adding a little bit of bacon to the inside of it, as well as we’re going to be wrapping it on the outside. We’re going to add a few different flavors just because it is wild boar and it’s so lean.

I’m gonna tell you one thing it’s gonna turn out really good, really fun, really great: using a cast iron pan inside of our Silverbac. We’re gonna roll it, we’re gonna kick some butt with it, we’re gonna eat some bacon. So with that being said, get ready, here we go.

What we have today: we have our fresh, ground, actually our wild boar. Got to add a little bit more bacon and then we’re going to add a little bit more bacon on top of that. We’re going to add our eggs, our bread crumbs, our fresh white onion, our smoked gouda cheese. Yes, I said smoked gouda. Salt, granulated garlic, fresh garlic, and our fresh ground black pepper.

Pig-on-pig-on-pig, with more pig. Let me tell you, this is an incredible recipe. It’s fun, everybody loves bacon nowadays.

We’re gonna throw this in our Silverbac over here at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your grill. But make sure it hits 160-165 degrees on the internal temperature when you do. Grab a thermometer, throw it in there, pull it out when it’s ready. If it’s not ready, put it back in for a little longer! You know we just want to make sure we’re safe, we’re good, and we’re ready to rock and roll. Good to go. Enjoy, we’ll see you back here in about an hour.

Okay guys here it is! Here’s your final product. Easy as heck, simple as can be. We made the mix, threw it in a pan, wrapped it around with bacon, and you were done. That simple, that easy. Impressive. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this, so it’s a show stopper. You bring some people over, you’ve got something they’ve never seen.

The History of Meatloaf

Believe it or not, the humble meatloaf has a long-standing history worthy of royalty. Often thought to have emerged during the medieval period in Europe, meatloaf and minced meat pies have stuck around for centuries.

Chances are you probably grew up with meatloaf pulled from a pan in the oven. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional meatloaf, you’re missing out if you never experiment with some smoked bacon-wrapped meatloaf. As everyone knows, bacon makes things better.

Alternatives to Wild Boar

Our recipe for bacon-wrapped meatloaf on the grill features wild boar. However, you might not have a lot of places to purchase boar.

No problem — you can try any ground meat alternative, such as poultry, beef, lamb or veal. You could even try to mix in some crab chunks and turn this into your own seafood loaf concoction.

Alternatives to Gouda

We’ve chosen gouda, a rich, flavorful, smoky cheese with nutty overtones, for this bacon-wrapped smoked meatloaf recipe. If you’re not sold on gouda, feel free to toss in a half-cup of sharp cheddar or any other cheese that strikes your fancy. Just make sure the cheese you pick adds a bit of flavor and flair.

Now, who’s ready to make a meatloaf that’s destined to disappear fast?

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