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Gas Grilled New York Strip Steak

Learning how to grill New York steak on a gas grill just got a whole lot easier with this recipe. No more charred outsides and raw insides. Instead, you’ll always count on pulling a perfectly seared piece of meat right from your Primate.

When you’re hankering for a hunk of steak, this recipe will put you 30 minutes away from propane-fueled nirvana.


  • 1.5" New York Strip Steak at Room Temperature
  • Kosher Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Olive Oil


Turn on your Primate, or gas grill, to medium/high heat. Rub your steak liberally with olive oil. Next, as your grill comes up to temperature, apply a generous amount of Salt and Pepper to the steak. Make sure to cover the sides as well as the top and bottom.

Place your meat on the grill for roughly six minutes on either side. Put it in a central position, evenly spaced from other food on the grill. The time on the grill can vary depending on the thickness of your meat, the heat setting on your grill and other factors as well. To ensure it is the exact doneness you desire, make sure you have a digital instant read meat probe ready to check the internal temperature. A medium rare steak should be pulled off the grill at about 130-135 degrees.

Finally, allow your steak to rest on the counter for up to 10-minutes. This will assist with keeping the steak as juicy as possible.

Now enjoy your awesome meal!

What’s the Beauty of a NY Strip Steak?

You’ll hear a lot of pitmasters say they love to grill up a good NY strip steak on their gas grill. But why? What is it about this cut that makes it a go-to favorite? Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s a perfect size for most eaters and appetites: The average New York strip steak is between a half-pound and a pound of meat. That’s ideal for a family dinner or picnic.
  • It’s relatively low in calories: There’s a reason why so many fitness buffs and meal prep aficionados appreciate NY strip steaks: They’re not diet destroyers. Your strip steak, without additions like a little butter on top, packs in the protein without you packing on the pounds.
  • It’s readily available almost anywhere: Want a NY strip steak for tonight’s gas-grilled grub? Head to any butcher or grocery store. You may even find it on sale, although prices range depending on where you shop.
  • It’s tasty even after freezing: Fetched a good rate on a dozen or so NY strip steaks? Pick ’em up, take ’em home and freeze ’em safely. As long as you use your steaks within about three months of freezing, they’ll taste terrific.
  • It can stand on its own without much fuss: Sure, you could add tons of seasonings beyond salt and pepper to your grilled NY strip steak. You don’t have to, though. Strip steaks have enough boldness to go au naturel.

There’s no limit to the great stuff we can say about NY strip steak. You can feel confident that when you want steak, this one’s a winner.

Side Dish Suggestions for a Meal Featuring Strip Steak

Looking for other foods to go along with your strip steak? Any type of potato dish will bring out steak’s natural flavors. Cooked veggies and veggie-based salads pair nicely with NY strip steak, too. And who could forget homemade and home-battered onion rings for something completely indulgent?

Your Primate just called and said it’s time to plan for dinner. Is tonight the right moment to grill up some NY strip steak? Try it and see!

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