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Founders Beer Mustard Tri-Tip

f you’re not drooling over beef, beer and mustard, you’re not an outdoor grilling fanatic.

When you’re looking for a perfect reverse-sear steak to wow your guests, choose this grilled tri-tip marinade recipe. It’s deceptively simple, making it an awesome choice for even a novice pitmaster.

Whether you’re rocking a Kong, Chimp or another Grilla Grills favorite,  you’ll appreciate the way this tri-tip responds. It’s juicy, tender and has those coveted grill marks no one can resist.


  • Founders's Beer Mustard
  • Grilla Grills Beef rub Rub
  • Salt to taste
  • Cayenne pepper to taste


We’re diving into a beef tri tip. This is going to be fantastic — we’re going with something a little bit different than usual on this one.

To start, we took the Founders beer mustard, slathered it all over our tri-tip here, covered it in a little extra salt, a little bit of beef rub, and then we tossed a little cayenne on there, and we threw it on our Chimp. Rocking at 225 we’re going to leave it on there until about 120 or 130 pull it off and sear it on our Kong.

We’ll leave it on for 40-45 minutes. And then get it on the Kong as fast as possible. Sear it at about 700 plus for a good 60 seconds at the most on either side. That’s going to give us a good sear to lock in those juices and just give us some overall beautiful grill marks as well. We’re going to look for around a 135 on our final temp to give us a good medium rare on this thing.

What’s the Deal on the Reverse Sear?

As you look over the directions for our grilled tri-tip mustard marinade steak, you might wonder if we’ve done things backward. Is it right to low cook a hunk of steak before searing it under super-high temps?

That process is called a reverse sear. It allows you to bring up your meat of choice to a suitable temp before giving it a quick finish on a sizzling hot grill. For instance, this reverse-seared grilled tri-tip is heated to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit before being introduced to the grill for about a minute per side.

The end result is a steak that’s around 135 degrees Fahrenheit internally, which is just right for a medium-rare star of a meal.

Is a Tri-Tip Necessary?

Let’s say you’ve bookmarked this recipe and have your ingredients in hand. You’re just missing one thing — the tri-tip.

Unless you work with a butcher, you might not be able to get a tri-tip cut at a supermarket. Never fear, though. You can substitute sirloin tip or even flank steak for the tri-tip if needed.

Tips for Mastering the Beer Mustard Marinade

We chose a Founders beer as the main component of this grilled tri-tip’s marinade. Then, we added a couple of other seasonings. To get your beer marinade for your tri-tip as picture-perfect as the ones you see in our video, try these tips:

  • Pat your tri-tip dry before applying marinades and spices. Make sure the meat is at room temperature.
  • Get creative when it comes to the marinade. For instance, you might want to add some onion powder for a different outcome.
  • Let your meat appreciate the marinade for a few minutes as you heat up your grill. If you’d prefer, you can apply the mustard marinade to the meat hours in advance. Just make sure you put the meat in the fridge to marinate safely for extended periods.
  • Wear gloves and avoid excessive contact with the uncooked meat.

Ways to Serve Tri-Tip Mustard Marinade Steak

This tri-tip steak with a beer marinade is versatile enough to stand alone, but it probably deserves some friendly companionship on your plate.

Some ideas for accompaniments to the tri-tip include:

  • Put slices on a fresh salad with lots of veggies from your local farmers market.
  • Serve tri-tip slices alongside mashed potatoes, roasted corn and crusty bread.
  • Cut meat strips as thin as possible. Then, arrange them on a buttered, heated brioche roll bathed in a sauce or condiment of your choice.

Be sure to check out all our tri-tip and other marinated meat suggestions and videos as you impress your family and friends with your grilling skills!

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