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Grilla Pork Tacos

Here’s a Grilla touch on some pork tacos! Thanks for the recipe, Eddie H.!

pork tacos on the grill


  • Country style pork ribs
  • Grilla AP Rub (or your favorite dry rub)
  • Chopped mixed greens
  • Fresh Pico (3 Roma tomatoes, 1/4 slice of onion, 1 serrano pepper, juice from 1 lime and garlic salt)
  • Cilantro
  • Soft shell tortillas
  • Grilla Gold 'N' Bold


Season pork with Grilla AP RUB

Grill pork @ 350 until color it golden brown, then wrap in tin foil boat until pork is falling apart and tender.

Chop and mix pico ingredients

Brown tortilla shells on Grilla.

Make delicious the above ingredients.

Drizzle Grilla Gold ‘N’ Bold over tacos to finish up for flavor town!

Elevate Your Tex-Mex Game With Pulled Pork Tacos

Not too long ago, most families never thought much about cooking tacos in new, wonderful ways. They stuck with the old standard of throwing together ground beef, store-bought seasoning and crunchy corn shells.

My, how things have changed. And they’ve changed for the better.

Today’s pitmasters have rediscovered the versatility of the taco. They’re slicing and dicing a variety of meats and veggies to toss together in soft and hard shells. With this recipe for grilled pork tacos, you’ll easily be able to substitute other items to coax new flavors from traditional foods.

Tacos have grown up — you can make them with any ingredients you want. And your Grilla Grill is ready to help.

Tips for Getting the Most From Pork Soft Tacos

First time trying this barbecue pork taco recipe? Expect to get a thank-you card from your taste buds. Just make sure you follow these hints as you grill your way to taco hog heaven:

  • Be patient: Don’t expect your pork to hit “fall off the bone” status for quite a while. Stop hovering over the grill and do something productive like chop up the pico ingredients or watch the game.
  • Clean beforehand: Your grill will function best when it’s spotlessly clean. If you haven’t scrubbed it for a while, get down and dirty before tossing your pork on the smoker.
  • Test pellet flavors: Maybe you are a die-hard hickory wood pellet user. So be it. But remember that wood pellets come in other undertones like cherry and apple. You never know how a different pellet will change the overall finish of a barbecue pork taco.
  • Test dry rubs: No one says you have to stick with the dry rub mentioned in this grilled pork tacos recipe. Pick another or try your hand at creating your own. Who knows? You may come up with an award-winning rub from items already in your pantry.
  • Go fresh: Obviously, your pork will need to be fresh. Be sure your pico ingredients are, too. No one wants to eat salsa that has lost its flavor, so choose the freshest picked items you can find.

Excited to dive into these pulled pork tacos and share them with your squad? Whether you’re hosting a Wednesday block party meet-and-greet or a Saturday tailgate, you will flip for these instant crowd-pleasers.

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