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Hot N' Fast Grilled Brisket Recipe

While some will go lo’ and slo’, others prefer theirs hot n’ fast. Brisket doesn’t have to be difficult and doesn’t have to take all day. Fire up your GrillaSilverbac, or Kong and follow these easy steps for some mouth-watering, tender and juicy, perfectly smoked brisket on the grill.


  • Beef brisket, trimmed and seasoned
  • Aluminum foil


If you are slow cooking your brisket on the Kong kamado charcoal grill, start your fire about an hour before you are ready put your brisket on. You want to have your grill temperature up to at least 250 degrees and steady light blue smoke coming from the top vent.If you are cooking your brisket on the Grilla or Silverbac pellet grill, start your pit about 20 minutes prior to putting your brisket on. You want to achieve a grill temperature of 275 degrees. Once you place your meat on the pit, feel free to top off with any rub and seasonings of your choice. Check the brisket every hour for the first 2 hours, then every 30 to 45 minutes thereafter. What you are looking for is the color you want, as well as puddling juices on the surface of the meat. This will happen at an internal temp of about 150 to 165 degrees. Wrap the brisket with foil once the brisket reaches this phase.

When foil-wrapping your brisket, use two layers of foil to guard against accidental holes in the bottom layer and seal tightly. You want to preserve as much moisture and juice as possible (this will prove valuable later).

Once the brisket is wrapped, it will not take long for it to hit the target internal temperature—between 195 and 205 degrees across the whole brisket (most importantly in the flat). When measuring the temp with your Thermapen, take the time to feel the resistance of the meat. The point will be more forgiving since it has considerably more fat. If the meat feels super stiff yet, it may require a few more degrees of cooking time. The brisket will relax as it rests, so don’t worry if the brisket is not super tender at this point.

As soon as you have verified the temperature of the brisket, you will need to vent the foil to let steam out and stop the cooking process, while still on the grill. Leave the foil open for a minute or two, just long enough to vent all the built-up steam.

Once the brisket is vented, remove the brisket from the grill, wrap it back up in the foil, cover with a towel and let rest in a cooler or warming box, keeping it warm for at least 2 hours (4 hours preferable).

After letting the brisket rest you can separate the point from the flat, sliding a knife between the two pieces. Use caution, as the brisket will still be very hot.

A quick reminder on slicing: you can ruin a brisket at the very end by slicing it wrong. You have to find the grain of the brisket (refer back to the trimming section) and cut 90 degrees across that grain. Only by doing that, will you achieve perfectly tender results. Once sliced, place those slices back in all that juice—the freshly cut brisket will soak up a bit of the juice like a sponge.

Take the remaining au jus and use for gravy, pan sauce, dipping sauce for a brisket French dip sandwich, or just bag it, freeze it and then add it to pot roasts that you cook in the crock pot.

How to Grill Brisket Fast

Smoking a brisket low and slow can be a serious time investment. If you don’t want to wait a full 16 hours before feasting, the hot and fast method can start to look really appealing. Grilling brisket fast allows you to trim your cooking time down to a much more manageable 6 to 8 hours, depending on your meat’s cut and size. You’ll be able to enjoy irresistibly tasty and fully cooked brisket in a fraction of the time.

With the right tools at hand — like a Grilla Grills hot and fast brisket pellet grill — you’ll find that you can cook the brisket more easily than ever. Ready to take advantage of this grilling game-changer? These prep steps will get you started:

  • Start with a light trim: Remember, a smaller brisket will cook faster.
  • Light your smoker: Once your smoker has reached a temperature of around 325 degrees F, add your brisket fat-side down.
  • Flip your meat once it begins to crust: This step should take approximately 35 minutes.
  • Speed up the process: Three hours into the smoking process, you’re ready to lock in the heat. Place the meat into a pan with a brisket rub and water. Cover with foil and smoke for another 2 to 3 hours.
  • Let the smoked brisket sit: This part is the hardest — let the smoked brisket marinate in its juices for another hour or so for the ultimate tender brisket. Trust us, though — it’ll be worth the wait.

How to Achieve a Crispy Bark

If you’ve always abided by the tried-and-true slow cooking method, you may worry that a hot and fast approach won’t yield the same tender interior and crusty bark. Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the perfect bark using these tips:

  • Stick with water- and fat-soluble ingredients for your brisket rub: The moisture in these ingredients will help to form a slightly hardened glaze over your brisket as it heats. Popular ingredients include salt, sugar and a mix of herbs like bay leaves, rosemary and thyme.
  • Don’t wrap your brisket until it has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F: This will give it plenty of time to form a crisp bark.
  • Try using a nut wood — like oak, hickory or mesquite — instead of a fruitwood: This will create a smokier flavor to infuse into your bark.

Tips to Become a Barbecue Brisket Rub Master

Brisket is one of those ingredients that can take your cooking to new levels. However, you should be ready to follow a few tips if you want to learn to make BBQ beef brisket recipes on the grill that earn you lots of accolades.

Take a look at some of our top-secret brisket recipe pellet smoker insider tips:

  • Invest in the relationship. Making hot n’ fast grilled brisket on the smoker takes a little time. Only engage with your brisket when you can give it the TLC it deserves.
  • Get to know the meat. The more you investigate the cut of meat, the easier it will be for you to understand how to tell when it is done. This will also help you get a better cut of brisket at the end of the smoking session. (See cutting ideas at the end of our beef brisket on the grill recipe.)
  • Stop thinking lean. A marbled cut of brisket is what you want. Never be afraid when you see some fat on the brisket at your supermarket! As long as the fat is distributed fairly evenly throughout the brisket, it will slowly tenderize and lubricate the meat.
  • Invest in sharp knives. The last thing you want is for your brisket to look terrible because your knives were subpar. Get the best you can afford and keep them sharp!
  • Buy good quality brisket. You cannot get an amazing brisket result from a so-so brisket cut. Become buddies with your favorite grocery’s meat manager. That way, you will know you are ordering the best of the best.

It is time to get some BBQ beef brisket going on your pellet smoker! Fire up the grill and get fired up for some of the tastiest meat you will ever try!

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