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Mark's 'Keep It Simple Stupid' Wings

Mark Graham has a recipe that will blow your socks off with how easy, and delicious it is. These wings have fewer than 5 ingredients and make it simple for you to determine the spice level for your family.


  • Wings
  • Garlic Salt | To Taste
  • All Purpose Rub | Light Covering
  • Cayenne Pepper | To Taste


Pat dry your wings, spread them out, and season with Garlic Salt, Cayenne and Grilla Grills All Purpose Rub. Place them on your grill at roughly 225 degrees until wings have an internal temperature around 140-degrees. Then roast them at 350-400 until crispy on the outside with an internal temperature of at least 165. Remove your wings, sauce if desired, and dig in!

The Easiest Pellet Grill Wing Recipe on the Planet

Stop thinking you could never make wings like the ones you get at your favorite restaurant, bar or pub. You’re just a few ingredients and a couple hours away from the best-tasting pellet grill chicken wings on this earth.

What’s the secret that’ll get you so fired up about our smoked chicken wings? They don’t take a lot of time, but you’d never know that from the taste.

Make sure to serve up your wings with your favorite adult or non-alcoholic beverage and a bevy of snacks like potato skins grilled in the smoker.

Do You Sauce Your Wings or Not?

Start talking about sauce with chicken wing lovers and you’ll inevitably spark a debate. Some people claim that chicken wings aren’t truly wings until they’re tossed in a flavorful sauce. Other wing-eaters claim that a dash of seasoning’s enough.

To appeal to everyone in your crowd or household, why not offer both? Make this basic pellet grill wing recipe. Then, drench half of them in sauce and leave the others in their un-sauced beauty. Voila! You’ve satisfied the hungriest of your picnic, party or tailgate companions.

A Little Chicken Wings Trivia

For modern American eaters, the chicken wing is as commonplace as hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie. But before the middle of the 1960s, cooked chicken wings featuring a coating of seasonings and sauce didn’t exist.

You can thank a Buffalo, New York, restaurant owner for coming up with the notion to bathe cooked chicken wings in a signature sauce. From that point, chicken wings took off. Now, you can find chicken wings just about everywhere, including in your backyard.

Why You’ll Love Making Chicken Wings on a Pellet Grill

What are the upshots to making chicken wings on your Grilla? First, you can take advantage of awesome wing sales at your local grocer. Making a big batch of smoked chicken wings is affordable and simple.

Secondly, you can infuse your chicken wings with a bit of smoke. You’ll taste the difference from the first bite.

Finally, you can whip up a bunch of wings in relatively little time. As long as you heat them up to the proper internal temperature of at least 140 degrees, you’re golden. And so are they.

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