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Swine Life's Mini Lamb T-Bones

We all love T-bones, right? So who wouldn’t love a miniature mountain of them to munch on like a BBQ King or Queen? Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ really outdid himself this time when he showed us one of the most interesting bits of meat he’s ever had!


  • Lamb loin chops
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Minced garlic
  • Finely chopped rosemary
  • Butter
  • Stone ground mustard


First thing we need to do is trim up the loin chops. There is only a small fat cap that needs to be removed. This fat is not the good kind of fat and will not render during the cook process.

Once trimmed, we can get the flavors to working. First we are going to coat the chops in minced garlic. This is going to add flavor plus the oil from the garlic will help the other seasoning stick better.

We then sprinkle a pretty heavy layer of salt and pepper followed by the chopped rosemary. We will let these sit on the cutting board while we get the Kong fired up.

To get the fire going, we filled the fire basket up with a good quality lump coal. We then placed the starter cubes in the center and got them lit. We set the vent on the bottom to about a 1/4 inch open and left the lid open until we had a fist-sized bed of coals going.

Now you can get the lid shut and adjust the top vent until you reach about 400-500 degrees. You do not want to overshoot the temp now since we will be basting and butter and the flare-ups will get the temp rolling or the perfect sear.

For the butter, we place a stick of butter, a tablespoon of stone ground mustard, and about a tablespoon of rosemary in a foil pan. Placed it on the grill and let it start melting. We will use this to baste the chops throughout the cook process.

Now it’s time to get the “Mini T-Bones” to cooking. We placed them on the cooking grate right over the fire. Closed the lid and let them go for about 1 minute.

Flip them about every minute to get a good even color and baste each time. Keep a close eye on them because this is a very fast cook and you don’t want to overcook these at all. We are shooting for a finish internal temp of about 125.

Once they are done, it never hurts to baste them one more time and allow them to rest for a few minutes. These are awesome bite size chops that are sure to impress!

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