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Lobster Tails And Herb Butter Recipe

Show mom just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day with our Herb Butter Lobster Tails recipe. Skip the restaurant and give mom what she really wants, a delicious grilled meal made with love… and topped with butter. See how simple it is to make this special meal on the Charcoal kamado Kong smoker grill.



You’ll start by splitting the lobster tails in half. Place the lobster upside down on your cutting board and using a sharp chef’s knife, cut through the middle of the lobster. Once you are through the first layer, gently crack it open the rest of the way.

Next, melt down one pound of butter and pour it into a mixing bowl. Combine ½ cup fresh chopped basil and add 1 tablespoon of Grilla Grill’s All Purpose Rub – if you would like extra punch add more to taste. Mix together and set aside.

Set the Kong to 275 degrees. Since the lobster will cook quickly, consider using a diffuser to cook over indirect heat. Use a brush to apply a layer of olive oil to each lobster tail right before placing on the grill. Also brush on a layer of oil to your grates where each tail will land.

Place the lobster tail flesh-side down and leave for a total of about 5 minutes. You’ll want to stick close by to check on them about once every minute. The tails are done when you see a nice reddish-orange shell color and the meat turns milky white.

Finish by topping with the herb butter and enjoy!

Grilling Lobster Tails: Perfect for Holidays and Special Occasions

Plenty of people choose turkey, ham and even gorgeous pork roasts or racks of lamb as the main entree for special festivities. While those are all fine to cook and share, we encourage you to surprise your hungry guests with some grilled lobster tails.

Our video talks in depth about how to grill lobster tails evenly.

Buying the Perfect Lobster Tails for the Grill

Not sure where to get a lobster tail, or what to look for in a lobster tail? Thanks to the Internet, you can order flash-frozen lobster tails from trusted online stores and sources. Of course, you can also go to your grocery store and pick ones out yourself.

If you prefer the DIY route, make sure you choose several lobster tails that are relatively the same size. That way, they will grill at the same rate, which means less babysitting your smoker grill.

Opt for lobsters from cold waters rather than warm waters, if possible. Cold water lobster has a sweeter taste and more tender flesh. If you are a lobster connoisseur, you can tell the difference after one bite.

Bought a frozen lobster tail? No problem. Make sure to thaw it in the refrigerator for about a day before oiling it up for your grill.

Partners That Go Well With Lobster Tail on the Smoker Grill

As you become more comfortable learning how to cook lobster tails on the BBQ, explore the wide world of side dishes to go along with this fantastic recipe. Some cooks swear by hearty companions like homemade smoked mac and cheese. Believe it or not, starchy and carb-heavy sidekicks do very well alongside grilled lobster tail.

Want to serve up something on the lighter yet still flavorful side? A huge green salad with fresh vegetables — and maybe fruits, too — promises to be a palate pleaser. You can also grill up some vegetables to accompany the overall meal and provide earthy tastes to go along with hints of the sea.

As a final note, always have some bread on hand. Bread makes the world go ’round. Feel free to butter and grill it slightly before serving.

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