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Mark Williams- No Wrap Ribs

No wrap ribs is one of the easiest recipes we have ever done. This is a great way to have great ribs but with very little effort. This recipe turned out great and the bark was awesome!

Thanks to Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ


  • A couple slab of St. Louis Spare Ribs
  • Your Favorite BBQ Rub
  • 4 hours of your lazy day


To start, we picked up some ribs from out local grocery. As far as prep work, I only removed the membrane and didn’t worry too much about trimming.

To save time I went ahead and fired up the Silverbac and set it to 250. This will give me a couple of minutes to get these ribs seasoned and ready for the pit.

For seasoning we are going to use our very own “Mississippi Grind”. You can use any rub you would like but, I would avoid rubs with a lot of sugar. Since we aren’t wrapping these ribs a low sugar rub will do better and keep the ribs from getting too dark. I applied a pretty heavy coat of rub on both sides. Once the pit gets up to temp it time to get these ribs on!

As far as smoking these ribs, its as simple as it can get. Once we get them on the pit we are letting the pit do all the work. I checked on them at the 2 hour mark just to see how they look. At this point if they are getting too dark you can always tent them with foil.

At the 4 hour mark the ribs should be perfectly tender and ready. I always like checking the ribs for tenderness with a small temp probe or toothpick. The probe should melt right into the ribs. The meat will be super soft between the bones. If you are still unsure you can always temp them between the bones. I would say anything between 205-210 will be perfect.

Once I got the ribs off, I let them rest for at least 10 minutes. They don’t have to rest too much longer than that but you definitely want them to cool off a little. These ribs had a great bark and really picked up a good smoke flavor from the cherry pellets. I hope you all enjoy this recipe and make sure to give us some feedback.

Dishes to Pair With No Wrap Ribs From the Grill

There are so many tasty side dishes you can whip up to complement this no wrap ribs recipe. A lazy day recipe like this involves only mouth-watering tastes with minimal effort. We’ve put together some simple (and a few more complex) side dish ideas to make your lazy no wrap ribs day as delicious as possible:

  • Potato salads: As the ultimate summer side, potato salads — the bacon-lovers’ potato salad, the mixed new potato salad with basil and shallots, among others — are a family favorite when paired with smoked no wrap ribs.
  • Baked beansBaked beans are considered a classic rib side because their tangy tomato base accents almost all rib rubs.
  • Bean salads: Don’t underestimate the cold bean and vegetable salads. Some of our favorites are marinated white beans, tomato and feta white bean salads, three-bean salads and black-eyed pea salad with hot sauce vinaigrette.
  • Pasta salads and macaroni: Pasta sides like Greek pasta salad and macaroni and cheese make incredibly tasty side choices for your Mark Williams no wrap ribs.

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