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Meatlovers Deep Dish Pizza

Join us as we cook up some deep dish pizza on our pellet grills. Some may say that this casserole-style pizza isn’t even “pizza,” but whatever it is, it’s GOOD.


  • Pizza crust
  • Tomato sauce
  • Spicy sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Roast beef
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Red pepper flakes to taste
  • Olive oil


Today we’re going deep dish pizza. We’ve got our crust in here, in our deep dish pizza pan already. Quick little tip for you – if you don’t have a deep dish pizza pan at home, a square pan will also work. You can also use a deep dish cheesecake pan.

So we gotta start off with a little bit of olive oil here. You’re going to want to put that all around the bottom of the crust and try to get it on the sides as well. We’ll start things off here with a little bit of firecracker sausage, a spicy, hot sausage. Cooked it on the grill for 40 minutes at around 250. Didn’t have to fully cook that thing all the way through because it’s gonna be going in the pie here.

So before we put any of our toppings in just a little bit of sauce at the bottom here. Now we gotta dump in some of that sausage. I like to add a little bit of spice to mine as well, a little bit of red pepper flake to go with it as well. Obviously gotta go with a layer of cheese here.

So first round done. This is roughly what you’re going to look like for every layer, right there. Up next, we’re going to dump in some more meat. Now we got our pepperoni, we got some ham, we got some roast beef and we got a little bit of bacon here as well. We’re going to be mixing that in throughout, so while we do this, every single layer is going to be a different meat. We’re going to be adding cheese in between each one.

We’ve got our two layers of meat in there already. Now I gotta get a layer of some peppers. A little bit more sauce here, not too much. Well, we are almost done here. Up next we’ve got to take this guy and toss it on to our Grilla. We have got one layer of basically everything in there so far – our pepperoni, our ham, our bacon, roast beef, spicy sausage. We’ve got some diced tomatoes in there as well and then we got, of course, a whole bunch of mozzarella cheese.

Getting our final layer of cheese on here, your thickest layer. Then we’re going to be putting a final layer of sauce on the top. This top layer is going to be the most amount of sauce we’re going to put on here. We’ll use almost a full can of that to put that final cap on there and make sure everything cooks real well.

Our grill is rocking around at 425. We’re gonna toss this on there and leave it for at least 45 minutes. We’re gonna check it periodically.

Well Grilla fam, I am a little bit excited! Let’s give you guys a close-up on this because it just looks phenomenal! This is about eight different meats in here, four different vegetables, six layers of cheese, sauce, and that dough that we made from scratch here.

One of the nice things about this is you can actually look for an internal temp on these deep dish pizzas too. You want to look at around 140 for your final temp. That’s incredible, gooey goodness!

Indulge in Grilled Deep Dish Pizza in a Pie Pan

If putting together this recipe for grilled deep dish pizza reminds you of shaping up a lasagna, go to the head of the class. The secret to this unique version of pizza on the grill is its layering technique.

As you add each ingredient into your pan, focus on even distribution. That way, every morsel of your grilled pizza will have a spark of sass and sizzle.

Personalizing Your Meat Lovers Pizza

You say you want to individualize your deep dish meat lovers pizza? It’s all good, and it’s super easy, too.

Any grilled deep dish pizza affords you the opportunity to give it a personalized touch. Feel like adding in some spring onions or black olive slices? Be our guest. As long as you start with a high-quality pizza crust, you’ll be in hog heaven by the time you dive in.

If you’re making pizza on the grill, you may want to toss together a few different versions of this recipe. That way, your family or guests can go on a whirlwind tour of smoked pizza goodness.

Turning a Meat Pizza Vegetarian

Let’s say you love the idea of a meat pizza but you have a hankering for a vegetarian meal tonight. No problem. Instead of adding meats, add some heavy-duty plant-based substitutes.

Lots of meat alternatives out there taste a whole lot like the real thing. You’ll have to cook some items first, of course, like meat-substitute veggie crumbles that provide a burger taste. Other products, such as tofu slices, can be used as-is.

You could even swap out all the meat in our recipe for a variety of veggies. Try layering favorites like bite-sized kale leaves and chopped-up carrots.

Drink Pairings for Pizza on the Grill

If you’re making our meat lovers deep dish pizza, you’ll want a refreshing drink to wash it down. The adults in the crowd may appreciate a fine microbrew. For the younger set or others who want a non-alcoholic choice, pick soda or homemade lemonade featuring slices of smoked lemons from your Grilla.

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