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No Flip Burgers

Can’t decide how to break in your new grill? This easy, no flip burger recipe is a great way to get familiar with your new SilverbacGrilla or Kong. Be prepared to taste the juiciest burger ever. You’ll never use your gas grill again! Use your favorite burger toppings to customize your taste. We recommend a good pretzel bun with tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and Gold N’ Bold sauce.



To begin, you’ll want to start with very cold but not frozen beef patties. This will help ensure that you don’t overcook your burgers. Generously sprinkle on our Beef Rub or All Purpose Rub and gently massage into both side of the patty. As an alternative, you can also season with salt and pepper and some garlic salt.

Preheat your Silverbac to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for about 45 minutes. Depending on the thickness of your burgers you will want to check on them after about 30-45 minutes, but there’s no need to flip. For a medium rare burger, we suggest cooking to about 155 degrees.

After the first 30-40 minutes, if you like melted cheese on your burger go ahead and add your favorite variety. Close your grill back up and let them finish up for another 10 minutes before removing. For an added punch of flavor, top your burger off with a drizzle of Grilla Grill’s Gold ‘N Bold sauce. Enjoy!

Tips for Making Our Grill Burger Recipe Your Own

You soon will be smoking hamburgers with ease on your wood pellet smoker grill. Why stick to the same burger-on-the-grill recipe, though? As you can imagine, these no flip burgers can be customized pretty easily.

Looking for starter ideas to get you excited about cooking hamburgers on your pellet grill? Try these swaps:

  • Go beyond ground chuck or sirloin. The no flipping method can work for sausage patty burgers, turkey burgers, salmon burgers and heartier forms of veggie burgers. Have hunters in your life? Ground venison or elk meat makes a good choice for a no flip burger on the Grilla.
  • Add some seasoning into your meat, not just on it. Who says your burger can only have seasoning on the outside? If you make the patties yourself, toss some spices into the meat mixture.
  • Top your smoked hamburgers with tons of sliced, smoked veggies. While your burger is smoking low ‘n slow, slice up some mushrooms, zucchini strips and onions. Toss them lightly in olive oil, then wrap them in aluminum foil. Throw the foil pack into your smoker for the last 15-20 minutes of the cook. They will come out ready to add to your grilled burgers.
  • Play around with different types of wood pellet flavors. Apple pellets will lend a unique flavor compared to hickory pellets. Experimenting with new pellet flavors lets you switch up the undertones of your smoked meat.

Why wait for your next tailgate or picnic? Cooking no flip hamburgers on a pellet grill is the perfect answer to the age-old question: “What are we having for dinner tonight?”

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