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Swine Life's Cluckin' Awesome Parmesan Wings

Who’s ready for the best dang wings they’ve had in a long time? This recipe comes from Mark Williams of Swine Life BBQ. He’ll be showing us how to make some cluckin’ awesome wings. We always say it doesn’t get much better than hanging out with friends enjoying a plate of wings and sharing stories, so we’re gonna help you with the food part. You just have to find some friends to share with!


  • Whole Chicken Wings
  • Grilla AP Rub or a good salt, pepper, garlic-based rub
  • 2 Cups Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1/2 Cup of What Da Cluck or your favorite BBQ Rub
  • 1 TBSP Crushed Red Pepper or Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 TBSP Black Pepper


Once the wings are separated it’s time to start working the flavors.  TIP: Check out this “Quick Tip Tuesday” to see the process done. We started by applying a good layer of the Grilla AP rub to both sides of the wings. While the wings are getting happy in the rub we can mix together the remaining ingredients to form the parmesan mixture.

After the parmesan coating is mixed up get a good heavy coat applied to both sides of the wings right before going on the Chimp. You don’t want the moisture from the wings to cause the parmesan rub to get “Muddy” or too wet.

The Chimp is running 300 degrees and is ready for these wings. We filled it up and let it roll. For a good tender and crispy wing, you need to take the internal temp to 190-200. This usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. A good rule of thumb is to check them at the 30-minute mark and see how they are coming along. You can flip them if needed but if they are looking good let them crispy wings cook!

When the wings are done, get them off the pit and enjoy while they are good hot and super crispy! The parmesan crust really brings a great flavor to these wings and the skin is perfect! You definitely want to try this recipe!

Why Chicken Wings on the Grill?

The history of chicken wings stems from the South, where deep-fried wings were a popular food for generations. In the 1960s, a restaurant made up a snack by cooking leftover chicken wings in a spicy sauce. This creation led to what we know now as Buffalo chicken wings.

The concept of wings as a favorite food really took off in the 1980s. Boneless, skinless chicken breast became popular at that time, and the wing, with its bones and skin, was less in demand and less popular. Restaurants, however, realized they could buy wings, cook them up and serve them as an irresistible appetizer. Wings went perfectly with beer and another invention of the 1980s: the sports bar. Fans loved getting a pitcher, a basket of wings and taking in a game.

Why Make Swine Life’s Cluckin’ Awesome Parmesan Wings?

Let’s face it. It’s fun to head out with friends and get a basket of wings, but they often just don’t cut it. In many cases, they’re slathered with sauces and deep-fried, making them a less-than-healthy choice, too.

The next time you want friends and family over for a big game or you are just craving some wings, this grilled chicken wings recipe just might have you swearing off wings at the bar forever. Grilling gives the wings an irresistible smoky flavor without the tired grease. The grilling process removes moisture as well, which creates a perfect crispy texture.

These garlic parmesan chicken wings are packed with flavor, so you don’t need a ton of sauce or extras. They can be a casual game-time snack or part of a whole meal if served with sides. These wings also work great as party food. Just set out a basket of them, and watch them all disappear!

Serving Up Those Wings

Once you’re ready to serve these wings, consider popping them in a basket and serving up plenty of your favorite beer, soda and water to go along with them. Turn on the game and put out your favorite hot sauces and dipping sauces for everyone to enjoy.

These garlic parmesan chicken wings are also a great option for an outdoor picnic, lunch or dinner. If you want a selection of casual foods to bulk this out and make it a meal, try serving up your wings with smoked potatoes, fries, onion rings or mac and cheese. If you want to go a little more foodie, serve sweet potatoes with your wings. They’re an underappreciated pairing, and the sweetness of the potatoes complements salty wings perfectly.

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