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Perfect Burger Patties from Scratch

Tired of ending up with thin, wimpy hamburgers or ones so thick they turn into mini-meatloaves? Done spending extra money on pre-made burger patties that burn so fast they taste like a hockey puck? Then this Quick Tip Tuesday is perfect for you!

This time we’re showing you how to make the perfect burger patties for your smoker that will make solid meals, every time. Leave the breadcrumbs, eggs and chia seeds in the cupboard, these burgers are au natural!

Why a Round Burger Matters

You might be wondering why you should bother learning how to make hamburger patties. Does it really matter? Absolutely! You should know how to make round hamburger patties for several reasons.

First, most hamburger buns are round. When you have a round bun, you want a hamburger that fits nicely in it. We’ve all had the misfortune of receiving a hamburger with too much bun and too little meat, or meat hanging over the side because the patty is so misshapen.

Secondly, patty uniformity will up your grilling game. When you can slap a row of uniformly shaped hamburger patties on your Grilla, you can predict cooking and smoking times with incredible accuracy. If you have a bunch of weirdly shaped patties to deal with, you can’t be nearly as confident.

Finally, you have much more control over the amount of meat in each hamburger patty by making them yourself. In our video showing how to make burgers from ground beef, we recommend you use a half-pound to two-thirds of a pound of meat. Of course, you can use any amount you’d like. Just make sure all your patties have about the same weight.

Will This Perfect Hamburger Patty How-To Recipe Work on Other Meats?

Here’s the best part about our insider tip on making perfect patties by hand: You can use any type of ground meat. As long as the meat sticks together, you’re golden.

This ability enables you to mix and match your favorite ground meats. Go lean with bison or spicy with chicken sausage. Just remember the type and fat content of ground meat or poultry you select will determine when to flip your patties.

Can You Include Seasonings in Your Hamburger Patties?

Our show-and-tell demo uses ground beef as-is and doesn’t require you to do anything but add seasonings at the end, if desired. Nonetheless, if you want to combine salt, spices or rubs with your meat before forming your patties, go for it! You could even add a small ice cube in the middle of your hamburger patty. Including an ice cube is a trick many pitmasters swear by to ensure their hamburgers remain juicy after coming off the grill.

Learn How to Make More Mouthwatering Hamburgers

Ready to impress everyone with your patty-forming prowess? Review our one-minute video on how to make burgers from ground beef before your next grilling adventure.

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