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Reverse Seared Picanha Steak

When you’re looking for a simple way to make a memorable meal, you can’t go wrong with this winning grilled picanha steak recipe.

Earn pitmaster kudos at picnics, tailgates and get-togethers by making picanha the star of your upcoming grilling show. Or, just fire up your Grilla or Kong for a fantastic family meal.


  • Picanha steak
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Garlic (to taste)


So we’ve got our Silverbac going low and slow right now at 220. Now, why do we have both the Silverbac and the Kong out today? Well, I’m gonna be doing something a little bit special we have something that I like to call a picanha, a lot of other people out there call it the same thing. So the cool thing about this is it’s one of those pieces of meat that comes fatty but you’re gonna leave all that fat on.

This is gonna be one of the most simple steak recipes we have ever done: salt, pepper, garlic, done. Throw it on the grill. We are gonna let the meat shine in this one because this is a fantastic cut of meat coming to us straight from our friends over at Colorado Craft Beef.

So our steaks are just about finished on our Silverbac. Coming up to 120 is the point I want to take them off and then get them on our Kong. The Kong is just firing up now, should be up to that 600-700 range.

Before we know it and at that point we’re gonna take those steaks, flop them right here on the kong next to our asparagus, and then we’re gonna rock them on here for about a minute and a half each side. We’re looking for a final temperature of 135 on these, that’s going to be where I’m going to pull them off and see what we got. So excited to get these on the grill because not only do we have our steak going on, we’re gonna have some asparagus lined up on the other side. We have our split diffuser in our Kong today — a brand new item that you can go and get on our website right now.

This gives you the ability to cook indirect heat on one side and direct heat on the other which means we’re going to be able to cook our vegetables (our asparagus) on that left side and rock out our steak on the right. All right guys it has been a fantastic day so far I can’t help but smile with food like this in front of me. We took a picanha, what I say is the most underrated steak out there, learned all about it from our friends over at Swine Life. He gave me the low-down on how to cook this and we showed you guys exactly how to do it — no seasonings on this other than salt, pepper, garlic.

What Is Picanha Steak?

Like many steaks we highly recommend, picanha is not carried in many grocery stores. That means you’ll need to head to your favorite local butcher to find picanha.

From a purely technical standpoint, picanha is on top of the beef’s rump. If you’ve ever had a culotte steak or rump cap, you’ve eaten picanha.

Why is it worth going to all the trouble of finding this triangle-shaped piece of meat? For one, it’s capped in and protected with just the right amount of fat. It also cooks to be melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Why Use the Reverse-Sear Treatment?

When you’re grilling any kind of steak, you can sear the outside right away or wait until just before serving. Traditionally, many pitmasters have followed the idea that searing the meat first seals in juices. This can be true, but that doesn’t mean reverse searing doesn’t have its value.

When you heat a picanha cut to an inner temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to worry about losing juices. This cut of meat stays juicy thanks to its natural makeup. This allows you to get those coveted grill marks and a picture-perfect sear after smoking and grilling. A reverse-seared picanha steak needs just a minute per side on the grill at a super-high temperature.

Is a Split Diffuser Necessary?

Our picanha steak recipe calls for the use of a split diffuser in the Kong. A split diffuser allows you to simultaneously heat foods directly and indirectly. During our video on how to grill picanha, we cook up some asparagus while searing the meat. You could just as easily heat up foil-wrapped rolls or another vegetable instead of asparagus as long as you have a diffuser.

No diffuser? No problem. Just cook accompanying dishes on a different grill or in the oven.

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