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Seared Cilantro Lime Steak Tacos

Are you looking for lightning-fast finger food and the chance to wow tailgaters and family? These cilantro steak tacos have everything you want, plus the opportunity to use your Kong at super-hot temps.

You can also add personalization to your pitmaster performance when you make this steak taco recipe. For instance, why not mix up the spices with some paprika, Mexican oregano or onion powder? Part of the fun of whipping up these cilantro lime steak tacos is bringing new character to the ingredients.


  • Flap steak
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cayenne
  • Cumin
  • Lime juice


These are not your everyday normal tacos. We are going to be making flap steak tacos. Now, what’s a flap steak? Well just look it up online it’s going to take me a while to describe exactly how this works out but it’s going to be one of those cuts of meat that you do not see too often. Kind of reminds me of a skirt steak almost which is why I thought of doing tacos today.

So why don’t we talk a little bit about the flavors that are going with this? Obviously, we got to have a little bit of south of the border flare so we’re going to be going with a little bit of our salt, got a little pepper, some cayenne and cumin, and we’re going to finish everything off with some lime. As we get to the end this is going to be cooked 100% on our Kong using our brand new split diffuser.

We’re going to have the split on the left side and I’m going to be able to warm up my tortillas over that indirect flame while I sear my steak right over that open flame. The Kong is rocking at about 750 degrees right now so we’re going to fly through this steak. It might take 60 seconds on either side but it’s going to be real quick so make sure you pay attention to everything.

We’ve got our Kong rocking above 700. Now, this is gonna be one of the fastest cooks we ever do. So we’re gonna take our flap steaks toss them on our Kong on the right side because our diffuser is on the left side we want those flames kissing the bottom of that flap steak to make sure that it’s getting the char the flavor that we want. Now on the other side over that diffuser with indirect heat is gonna be our tortillas warming up a little bit getting ready for when this steak comes through we’re gonna get it just about 40 seconds on either side if that.

Let it just get a quick sear, take it off, put it on a little cutting board, cut ourselves off a couple of slices, and toss them in those tortillas with a little bit of lime juice and cilantro. That was about 45 seconds on either side for this steak. Got it on getting it off and now we are sitting here ready to chop it up for our tacos. Some beautiful grill marks here something I’m super happy about right there.

What’s a Flap Steak?

Speaking of ingredients, you may be new to a flap steak. It’s a thin, tender cut of meat straight from the steer’s stomach area. You might have to ask your favorite butcher for flap steak because it’s not a cut you can find in most groceries’ meat sections.

If you can’t find a flap steak, you can try a few alternatives. Flank steak or skirt steak can give you a similar finish as well as finely sliced beef tenderloin.

Benefits of a Kong Diffuser

This cilantro lime steak taco recipe involves heavy use of the Kong diffuser. When you’re working with a kamado-style grill, a diffuser comes in handy. It allows you to rely on indirect heat to warm up delicate items such as tortillas while you’re flame-grilling meats, veggies or whatever else you’re cooking.

Sauce Add-Ons to Rock Your Tacos

These tacos don’t necessarily need anything more than a squeeze of fresh lime to give them moistness and pep. While a cilantro lime steak marinade gives these tacos plenty of flavor, you can always slather them in anything from chunky veggie or fruit salsas to a south-of-the-border inspired buttermilk dressing.

If you want a little produce nestled in your lime steak tacos alongside the meat, grill up some thin strips of zucchini, mushrooms and bits of onion. It’s a fiesta for any day!

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