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Smoked Hasselback Pesto Chicken

Slice and stuff your chicken to add some extra flavor and impress your guests at the same time. In this video, we makes a healthy pesto stuffed Hasselback chicken topped with gooey mozzarella cheese. We decided on a healthy version of Hasselback chicken, but feel free to put whatever your heart desires in yours!


  • Chicken breast
  • Pesto sauce
  • Mozarella (optional)


We’re bringing you some super healthy super treats, tasty chicken it’s actually really easy. So no hassle, no fuss. We’re gonna incorporate something called Hasselback chicken. If you’re familiar with the Hasselback potatoes you just slice them, stuff it with cheese, they’re extra gooey and delicious but we can do the same thing with chicken and put healthy things in the slices of that chicken. Throw it on the Grilla and in about an hour’s time you’ve got a great meal that you can eat all week.

So there are only a couple things you need to know about the old Hasselback chicken. Number one: you need chicken breasts. You want a thicker all-natural chicken breast because what we’re gonna do we’re gonna lay it out, and we’re gonna score it okay.

Now if you’re worried about cutting all the way through you could totally take some bamboo skewers or something like that and put it on either side of the chicken and just slice until you touch those skewers and it’s gonna keep you from cutting all the way through.

This is almost two meals for me — this is a lot of chicken so to only have three carbs in this is pretty phenomenal. Just take about a spoonful, use your fingers, just separate chicken breast, and don’t overload this. Listen, because if you overload it, it’s just gonna squeeze out anyway so just put you know about a half a spoonful in there. Just enough — you want flavor but you also don’t want flavor all in your Grill and not on your chicken breast.

Most pestos are pine nuts, basil, a nice olive oil, maybe some garlic, but I just love the brightness of it. You could come back and put some Italian seasoning over this chicken before you smoke it if you want to, but you don’t have to.

We got the Grillas fired up to 350. We’re gonna put our chicken on, we’re gonna wait about an hour, and it should be done.

Okay so our chickens about 150 right now, so it’s time to put on the mozzarella cheese. You can wait later you can wait until 165 if you want, but I like my cheese to catch a little bit of that smoke so I like to put it on a little early.

Okay so we showed you that it’s easy we show that you that can be healthy but none of that matters if is not delicious!

You get this shot of just this Italian herby goodness backdrop of the smoked the chicken and we cooked it to 275 so it’s not super smoky but the smoke just adds that accent makes it tasting even better. And then you get that mozzarella cheese it really feels like you’re cheating a lot here because it kinda tastes like pizza. So if you’re craving a pizza you can’t give in it’s a good substitute and again it’s about three carbs, tons of protein. 3 carbs, almost no fat other than the cheese, and again you go low-fat with the mozzarella your choice. I want cheese you want to put on there. I just put regular mozzarella because that’s what I enjoy.

What Is Hasselback Chicken?

If you snoop around online recipes long enough, you’re definitely going to come across Hasselback potatoes recipes. They’re pretty simple to understand.

All you do is cut deep slices in whole potatoes so you can stuff them with extra seasonings and toppings. The same principle holds true when you’re making a Hasselback chicken breast.

Of course, you don’t want your scoring to go all the way to the back of the main ingredient, whether you’re preparing potatoes or chicken. To stop your knife from completely cutting your thick, juicy chicken breasts, pay attention to how far down you’re going. You can also stick a bamboo or metal skewer into the chicken to stop your knife mid-cut.

So this is the basis of how to do Hasselback chicken. The idea is that it’s just chicken stuffed with whatever you want. It is limitless. You can do a fajita version, you can do an American barbecue version, you could even do a pizza version if you really wanted to.

Serving Hasselback Chicken Breasts on Low-Carb and Paleo Diets

Maybe you’ve embraced the low-carb lifestyle. Perhaps you’re full-fledged paleo. Or you might skew toward a more Mediterranean diet. Whatever your healthy eating fancy, you’ll appreciate Hasselback chicken breast.

Obviously, this particular recipe features chicken breasts with pesto and mozzarella. As-is, it’s a low-carbohydrate entree or side dish that’s perfectly suited for lunch, dinner or a protein-packed snack. You can feel free to remove the dairy cheese or replace any ingredient to your liking.

Because chicken is accepted in so many popular diets and meal plans, it’s the perfect core item. Season it up with garden herbs or spices and stuff it with anything from sun-dried tomatoes to vegetarian cheese alternatives.

Meal Planning Made Easier With Hasselback Chicken Breast From the Pellet Grill

Are you knee-deep into meal prep and planning? We love grilled, smoked chicken breasts as much as the next person. But something about a Hasselback chicken preparation and cooking technique elevates the humble chicken into something a little more exciting and slightly gourmet.

This week, up your game without overloading yourself time-wise. Whip up a supply of Hasselback chicken breasts for you and your family to enjoy throughout the coming days. You’ll love having quick access to a mouthwatering protein that’s healthy and uniquely designed to satisfy.

Use your Hasselback chicken to top a big green kale salad at lunchtime or a bed of steamed wild rice at dinner. Who says easy-to-make chicken can’t be fancy?

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