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Smoked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Tina the Grilla Girl shows you some new tricks with this smoked sweet potatoes recipe. Whether savory or sweet, this side dish is destined to end up on your holiday table. If you ever wanted to know how to make your sweet potatoes sing by cooking them in a smoker, or if you’ve wondered how long to cook sweet potatoes on your Grilla Grills Silverbac, you found your answers.


  • 8-10 Small Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 Stick Butter
  • 1 ½ Tbsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Your favorite BBQ Rub


Clean off 8-10 small sweet potatoes that are similar in diameter. Cut 3/4 of the way through each potato about every 1/8 of an inch, ending up with an accordion-styled potato. For sweet potatoes, mix butter and pumpkin pie spice. For a savory dish, combine butter and BBQ rub until mixed thoroughly. Brush each accordion potato well, being sure to get butter deep into the cuts.

Set GrillaSilverbac, or Kong to 375 degrees. As soon as your grill begins smoking, put potatoes in. After 30 minutes, baste potatoes with remaining butter, coating well. Smoke potatoes for another 30 minutes until tender and you’re ready to serve.

Jazz up the Holidays With Roasted Sweet Potatoes on the Grill

We know. Sweet potato casserole has become the go-to side dish for every meal from Easter to Thanksgiving. The only problem? Everyone makes it. Everyone has had it. And everyone is ready for a little something new.

Even your grandma would agree that change can be good once in a while, especially after tasting some sweet potato barbecue. A huge advantage to this particular smoked sweet potato recipe is that it can switch from sweet to savory. All you need to do is vary the buttery sauce, as per Tina’s outline below.

Can You Eat a Sweet Potato Skin?

Plenty of people would never think of eating any kind of potato skin. However, the skins contain nutrients. Plus, they taste delicious.

The trick is to clean off your sweet potato well. Scrub that spud until it shines. You may end up taking off a bit of skin, and that’s okay. Having skin on the outside of these smoked sweet potatoes gives them a bit of tender “shell.” Depending on whether you go savory or sweet, the shell will either be bold and thick or spicy and sugared.

Adding Other Dishes to Your Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Could you eat a big ol’ plate of sweet potato barbecue for lunch or dinner? Absolutely. But like they say, variety is the spice of life. Besides, a ton of potatoes could land you in a carb blow-out for the week.

Temper the intensity and starch-heavy element of your smoked sweet potatoes by partnering them with some kind of protein. Roasted sweet potatoes on the grill go well with everything from smoked turkey to barbecue spare ribs. As for other sides, aim for high-vitamin veggies. Roasted Brussels sprouts have a cabbage-like flavor that offsets the sugars in sweet potatoes. Green beans also complement smoked sweet potatoes. Love some asparagus? Bring it on!

Choose Smoked Sweet Potatoes for Your Next Big Event

Although you certainly need no special reason to follow Tina’s smoked sweet potato recipe, you may want to incorporate it into your next special occasion. Sweet potatoes are perfect for everything from holidays to neighborhood gatherings. Plus, they look a little fancier because of the type of cuts you will make in the potato.

Who needs a bloomin’ onion when you have an accordion-style sweet potato freshly roasted on your Grilla Grill? Get fired up and run to the grocery now to pick some perfect sweet potatoes.

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