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Spatchcock Citrus Turkey Recipe

Didn’t think a dry brine turkey could hold flavor and juice? Think again … try this Spatchcock Citrus Turkey Recipe!


  • 15lb Turkey
  • 3 tbsp. salt
  • 1 tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp. onion powder
  • 2 tbsp. Italian seasoning
  • 2-4 oranges
  • 2-4 lemons
  • 2-4 limes
  • Parsley or herbs
  • Spray butter
  • Italian seasoning
  • Chicken Seasoning


Combine salt, garlic, onion powder, and Italian seasoning to create dry brine. Rub bird 1-3 days in advance.

On the Kong, layer lemons, oranges, limes, and herbs. Center bird on top, stretching out. Season outside of bird with butter and spices. Cook at 275 degrees for 3.5 hours until turkey reaches internal temperature of 165 degrees throughout. Slice and serve.

What Does It Mean to Spatchcock a Turkey?

Spatchcocking basically involves removing as much of the spine and bones as needed to be able to lay poultry flat in the pan or on a grill. Instead of having a lot of height, the turkey or chicken is spread out. As you can imagine, this makes it look different, but it provides plenty of benefits to both cooks and eaters!

Advantages of Spatchcocking a Turkey

Why would you want to spatchcock a turkey for a holiday or special occasion? Check out these advantages to learning this amazing technique to get the most out of your meal:

  • Allows the turkey to cook more evenly. If you have ever burned a turkey leg or overcooked a wing, you know how frustrating the experience can be. When you spatchcock a turkey, you distribute all the meat in a more even way. This allows the heat to cook everything at the same time, rather than cooking it from the outside in.
  • Gives you a novel way to present your turkey. Yes, the traditional turkey can look amazing, but it is rather predictable. Surprise everyone at your next big event by spatchcocking your turkey instead. You can even experiment with cool ways to display your spatchcocked turkey.
  • Makes carving your turkey a total breeze. Even if you have mastered the art of carving a turkey, you might not love it. Make life a bit easier by spatchcocking your next turkey because you have access to so much meat!
  • Makes basting and brining simpler. Do you ever worry that you are not getting enough brine, butter, oil or seasoning on your entire turkey? Take away your worries and frustrations by spatchcocking your turkey before putting it on your wood pellet grill.

Time to Cook Spatchcocked Turkey on Your Wood Pellet Grill

Eager to get down and dirty with your Grilla smoker and make this year’s turkey the talk of the town? Grab all the ingredients for our barbecue smoked turkey and start cooking.

For added flavor and nuances, try different wood pellet flavors to add smoky undertones in cherry, hickory, apple and much more. You will appreciate just how amazing your turkey can be!

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