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Swine Life's No Wrap Ribs

No wrap ribs is one of the easiest recipes we have ever done. This is a great way to have great ribs but with very little effort. This recipe turned out great and the bark was awesome!


  • Spare Ribs
  • BBQ Rub (Grilla Grills All Purpose)


To start, we picked up some ribs from out local grocery. As far as prep work, I only removed the membrane and didn’t worry too much about trimming.

To save time I went ahead and fired up the Silverbac and set it to 250. This will give me a couple of minutes to get these ribs seasoned and ready for the pit.

For seasoning we are going to use our very own “Mississippi Grind”. You can use any rub you would like but, I would avoid rubs with a lot of sugar. Since we aren’t wrapping these ribs a low sugar rub will do better and keep the ribs from getting too dark. I applied a pretty heavy coat of rub on both sides. Once the pit gets up to temp it time to get these ribs on!

As far as smoking these ribs, its as simple as it can get. Once we get them on the pit we are letting the pit do all the work. I checked on them at the 2 hour mark just to see how they look. At this point if they are getting too dark you can always tent them with foil.

At the 4 hour mark the ribs should be perfectly tender and ready. I always like checking the ribs for tenderness with a small temp probe or toothpick. The probe should melt right into the ribs. The meat will be super soft between the bones. If you are still unsure you can always temp them between the bones. I would say anything between 205-210 will be perfect.

Once I got the ribs off, I let them rest for at least 10 minutes. They don’t have to rest too much longer than that but you definitely want them to cool off a little.

These ribs had a great bark and really picked up a good smoke flavor from the cherry pellets.

Once the popularity of your ribs gets out, you might need a new Grilla Grill. We also have all of the accessories you need to make your grilling experience even better.

St. Louis or Baby Back Pork Ribs?

With Swine Life’s No Wrap Ribs, you can make the ribs with either St. Louis or Baby Back Pork Ribs. Baby back ribs, also known as loin ribs, pork loin back ribs or back ribs, are shorter than spareribs. They come from the area where the spine meets the rib.

St. Louis ribs, also known as spareribs or St. Louis spareribs, are cut from the belly, not the back. They usually have more meat than baby back ribs, and they are generally flatter. For new grillers, this can make them easier to work with because they can cook and brown more evenly.

How do you choose? St. Louis ribs have more fat, so if juiciness and tender meat is your goal, this is the rib for you. If you like ribs as finger food, baby back ribs still pack in lots of flavor. They’re smaller, too, so they are easier to handle without a fork and knife. If you’re feeding a crowd at a cookout or dinner, baby back is a solid choice.

Choosing Fresh Ribs

This recipe is super-simple and easy, and most of the heavy lifting will be done by the technique. For the best no wrap ribs, make sure you choose good meat. If possible, get your ribs from a butcher who can tell you about the pigs and the quality of the meat. Many people prefer to have never-frozen ribs, saying it affects the texture. That’s up to you, but talking to a butcher can help you get the details of what you’re about to serve.

For baby back ribs, look for an even looking rib, a solid slab with little fat and good moisture content. The meat should be a solid, healthy pink, and there should be no odor or bone exposed. When choosing St. Louis ribs, look for plenty of meat and fat, but make sure the fat is evenly marbled throughout the ribs. The ribs should smell good and be a healthy pink color, with no signs of drying out or discoloration.

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