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Traditional Butter Ball Thanksgiving Turkey

This traditional butter ball Thanksgiving turkey recipe will have your family floored, begging you for tips on how to make their holiday bird as good as yours. Not only is this the most simple turkey recipe you’ll ever see with only 5-ingredients, it’s also one of the most tasty.



Start simple by taking your turkey and coating it in a thin layer of kosher salt. Once coated, spray a light layer of olive oil spray onto your bird in order to keep your seasonings stuck to your turkey. 

Next pour a thicker layer of Grilla Grills signature All Purpose rub and lightly pat it onto the bird. Do not smear or rub the seasoning as that will cause it to clump and provide uneven flavor. 

Now, take a small spoon or ice cream scoop and create balls out of your butter. They should each be roughly the size of a ping pong ball. Depending on the size of your bird, you may need anywhere from 6-10 butter balls.

Next, make a small cut near the neck of your bird in order to lightly pull the skin away from the meat. Do not completely remove the skin, simply lift it high enough to allow you to slide the balls of butter between it. Near the thigh joints, either side of the breast and the center of the turkey are good places to start. Do your best to keep them evenly spread throughout the bird. 

Once adequately seasoned, put your turkey in your Grilla Grill at roughly 200 degrees. Leave it in for roughly thirty minutes, then bump the temperature up to 325 degrees for the final 2.5 hours of cooking. These times are for a 15 lbs bird, so adjust accordingly for the size of your turkey. Your Thanksgiving fowl must reach an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees for safe consumption.

Classic Thanksgiving Flavor, with a Grilla Grills Twist

Have you been looking for a way to improve on the basic turkey your family makes every year on Thanksgiving? With our Grilla Grills smoker grills it’s so easy to breathe fresh air into an age-old tradition. This simple recipe will drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, meaning you can spend more valuable time with your family … or hiding from your mother-in-law watching football in the guest room, we won’t judge! 

Have you tried the recipe and want to find new ways to innovate on it? Make it your own by adding a layer of honey before putting on your seasonings. For something a little more advanced, maybe try making some flavored herb butter to slide underneath the skin for an extra burst of flavor. It’s simple as simmering butter on the stove top, putting in seasonings like rosemary, sage and thyme then pouring that butter into an ice cube tray and freezing until solid. 

To Stuff, or Not to Stuff?

One thing you may have noticed in this recipe is that we did not stuff our turkey before cooking. While it’s not necessarily a bad idea to stuff a turkey, it will inevitably increase the amount of time that turkey will need to be cooked for. So if you have a 15 lbs turkey, and fill it with 2-3 lbs of stuffing, your total cook time will actually increase so it’s as if you were cooking a bird that is 18-20 lbs. 

For more turkey recipes, or fantastic new ways to make special sides for the family, check out the following links for stuffing, chipotle style turkey, herb butter turkey, or creamy cheesy corn. For dessert why not try out one of our other fabulous recipes like sweet potato bacon pie, grilled apple crisp or smoked bread pudding.

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