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The Grilla Grills Outdoor Kitchen is the ultimate luxury bbq island setup for the avid backyard pitmaster! Constructed with heavy duty stainless steel, an attractive black porcelain countertop, and modular construction to custom-fit to your outdoor kitchen area.

Grilla grills. . .The best pellet grills, smokers & kamado grills

Jungle direct pricing, great bbq flavor, very easy to use. If you’re scouting for a grill that gives you authentic  flavor, is built rock-solid and offers high-quality, versatile grilling without costing big bucks, you’ve come to the right place.These grills are built to last with four-year warranties. We can offer that because with heavy gauge stainless steel components, these grills are built like tanks. 

There’s a Grilla Grills pellet grill, kamado charcoal grill, gas grill or professional pellet smoker to meet your needs, whether you want the low and slow flavor for BBQ ribs, high-temperature searing for steak or deep-down professional smoke flavor throughout your meat. Compare Grilla, Silverbac, Chimp, Kong and Primate to your big box retail grills and you’ll quickly see that Grilla Grills delivers the best value on the market. You won’t find a better deal on grills for sale anywhere on the web. Oh, and did we mention that we also offer free shipping ON ANY ORDER OVER $79 to the lower 48 states – what could be better? Light ’em up!

Bling out your backyard bbq

Now that you’ve picked your beast, it’s time to grill up the perfect grub.

What’s a Wood Pellet Grill and Why Would I Buy One?

Great question! If you’re not familiar with what a pellet grill is or how it works, we’re here to help. Wood pellet grills are our speciality and we offer three different models so you get the perfect cooker for your needs.

What is a Pellet Grill?

A pellet grill runs a bit differently than your traditional gas, charcoal or propane grills. Our Silverbac wood pellet grill and Grilla smoker grill use pellets made of compacted wood for fuel which are fed to a firepot by an auger. An ignitor rod starts the flame and a fan pushes the smoke upwards to spread heat and smoke. A digital control allows you to control the temperature. These components require electricity, so you’ll need an outlet to run your smoker grill. Learn more about pellet grills.

Why would I Buy a Pellet Grill?

Wood pellet smoker grills take the ease of grilling with gas, but give your food that awesome flavor of real wood. Think Crockpot of the grilling world. Slow cooking, set-it-and-forget-it controls means you can visit with guests and family and not have to worry about standing over a hot grill turning your food every few minutes. The temperature controls will keep you within degrees of your set temperature, so just dial up your desired temperature and go grab a cold beverage!

Grilla Grills Do Pellet Grills Right

Our pellet grills come with a full suite of great features designed for and by well-respected pitmasters and first-timers alike. Starting with a heavy-duty construction, stainless steel grill grates and large-capacity pellet hoppers, these pellet grills are true workhorses available in sizes and styles for every kind of patio chef. Whether you’re a dedicated tailgater or a no-nonsense backyard pitmaster, the Grilla Grills family of pellet grills brings you all the features you need to master the art of wood-fired cooking. 

The original Grilla offers a unique, patented design for user-friendly cooking and unbeatable performance without taking up a ton of space on the patio. The Silverbac Alpha Wood Pellet Grill is larger and features a traditional pellet smoke design with 50 percent more cooking space so you can feed the whole neighborhood. 

Want to take your grill on the go? Check out the Grilla Grills Chimp, a go-anywhere portable pellet grill that’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, whether you’re serving up ribbon-winners at competition or taking tailgating to a whole new level. You’ll appreciate the Chimp’s 460 square inches of cooking area and 15-pound pellet hopper capacity. 

Need more space without sacrificing portability? The Grilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain is a competition-style pellet grill with wheels and a cooking area of 692 square inches, so you can transport it to festivals and cook-offs with ease and rake in the trophies.

Some Grilla Grills pellet grills also feature our cutting-edge Alpha Connect feature, which allows you to control them using WiFi and your smartphone. Whether you’re smoking an all-day brisket or some mouthwatering baby back ribs, you can go about your life knowing that dinner is well on its way. 

Pick Your Fuel

In addition to top-rated wood pellet grills, Grilla Grills also specializes in outdoor cooking with gas and charcoal. If you like charcoal and want to take your outdoor cooking game to the next level, then why not try grilling, smoking, baking and roasting on a kamado grill like the Grilla Kong? Check out the Grilla Grills Kong Ceramic Kamado Grill if you’re all about that unbeatable charcoal flavor and unmatched versatility. Our ceramic grills do it all — smoke, bake, sear and grill — using convection heat to deliver the most flavorful, tender results ever. They offer a total cooking area of 643 square inches so they can handle a big haul from the butcher.

As your go-to source for the finest in grilling, we also offer a combination gas grill and griddle ideal for all kinds of outdoor cooking endeavors. The Grilla Grills Primate Gas Grill & Griddle features 490 square inches of cooking space, heavy-duty stainless steel grill grates, a double wall insulated cooking chamber and a large stainless steel lid to hold in the heat. Use the grill for easy, versatile cooking and break out the gas griddle when you want to turn the patio into a full-scale backyard diner with breakfast and burgers covered.

Grilla Grills isn’t just the best place to shop for premium-quality grills and smokers. We’re also an excellent resource for those who love the art of outdoor cooking. Explore our huge selection of grill recipes to expand your portfolio and make the most out of your equipment. With a huge library of videos, articles and resources, Grilla Grills is a top resource for serious and novice pitmasters.

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