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Kamado Grill and Smoker


What Is a Kamado Grill?

Kamado grills are oval-shaped smoker grills that burn natural lump charcoal in a built-in ceramic firebox. For thousands of years, chefs in East Asia have used kamado ceramic grills for their amazing heat retention and versatility. Now, kamado cookers are smoking hot (pun very much intended) in the North American BBQ scene.

The pitmasters at Grilla Grills instantly fell in love when we began experimenting with kamado ceramic smoker grills, and pretty soon we knew we had to build one. The Grilla Grills Kong is our rugged and user-friendly take on the classic kamado style grill design. Of course, to be worthy of a name like Kong, this thing’s gotta pack some real muscle — and it does.

Why the Kong Is King

A massive two-tier cooking surface over 600 square inches means the Kong has room to grill for the whole crowd. Heavy-duty caster wheels make the Kong one of the easiest ceramic BBQ grills to move. Oh, and did we mention the rock-solid stainless steel and high quality ceramic construction?

The real difference, naturally, comes once you fire up your kamado BBQ grill. You’ll love how the ceramic firebox holds in heat and smoke, keeping a consistent cooking temperature for hours at a time without losing moisture in the meat.

The Kong performs beautifully as a ceramic smoker for BBQ delicacies like ribs and pork butt, but it also does just as well with higher cooking temperatures. With some adjustments in the air intakes and a little time, you’ll be ready to sear that picture-perfect ribeye.

Comparing Kamado Grills

You also might have noticed: The Kong isn’t the only kamado BBQ grill in town. Other ceramic cookers like the Big Green Egg are popular, too. Here’s the thing: We’re confident that once you see the Kong’s price, features and build quality, you’ll know it’s the kamado smoker grill for you. (Oh, and free delivery to the 48 continental states doesn’t hurt!)

Don’t take our word for it. Watch for yourself as we go head to head with the Grilla Grills Kong vs. Big Green Egg:

Smelling the coals already? Click below to get to know the Grilla Grills Kong kamado grill in depth.

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