Couldn't be more excited that you have joined the group of Grilla Grillers. This is Your Virtual Toolkit.

Grilla support staff has compiled this media toolkit to cover frequently asked questions of new Silverbac Owners. This toolkit starts with assembly, ends with maintenance, and everything we can think of in between. Click the links below for info.
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Videos, Instructions…

Grilla is always looking to improve the customer experience, let us know if we have missed anything along the way!

Unbox & Assembly Video

How to Season a Silverbac Pellet Smoker

Properly Shutdown your Silverbac

Routine Care for your Grill

Maintain your Silverbac Pellet Smoker

Silverbac Rack Extension

Silverbac Alpha Connect Overview

Alpha Connect Overview


Below are links to digital manuals for your reference.
Silverbac Manual
Silverbac Manual
Alpha Smoke controller information
Silverbac Front Shelf